Act I: Greed - Main Characters

James Murphy

James Murphy is an ex-priest who decided to become a doctor after he cut all ties with the Catholic Church. 38 years old, handsome and with a slim build, James is as friendly as he is shy about any personal questions.
He can express himself forcefully against the religious institutions, but his faith, his sense of justice and his deepest respect for all people and life in general have never been in doubt. He's the head physician at a hospital in Chicago, where he now resides, but he can fluently speak Italian thanks to the many years he lived in Rome.

Father Cristoforo Ardemagni

Cristoforo is James Murphy's best friend. They started working together in the Vatican at the same time, the former assigned to Cardinal Brehmen and the latter to Bishop Dellerio. Cristoforo was very young when he received his calling, and his faith in the Church institutions is unfaltering. His discussions with James have always been long, maybe because he really believed he'd be able to change things from within.
Cristoforo is a sensible person, very happy and hearty. He allows himself just one extravagance: haircuts.


James's corpulent favourite barman. He's a true Roman, very colourful in every expression. Mario knows at least one person from every background, but nobody knows how this is possible... He'll be a great help for James, solving different problems like fixing his car, calling a friend who owes him some favours and doing research.
Mario is 43 years old; he's a sunny man (just a bit lazy) and he's not what you'd call an "athlete", weighing over 200 lbs.

Act II: Wrath - New Characters


Nobody has any information about this woman. It's known that she's very attractive and is no more than 28 years old, but no one's been able to describe her clearly.
Her name is Silvia, but that could just be an alias. She doesn't talk too much, and if she really has to, she does so in a cutting and brazen way, always showing great self-confidence. Nobody can explain the reason for this behaviour, and Silvia will be a mystery for the few people who cross paths with her.

Card. Hans Brehmen

Prefect of the Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, this man is one of the most prominet personalities of the Curia. Brehmen is one of the closer cardinals to the Pope. Known for his conservative doctrine, he is an untiring worker and a great example of an upright moral code. At the end of '70s, he was opposed to bishop Paul Marcinkus, president of IOR during the most obscure period of the Vatican Bank. Many people still believe Brehmen know more than what he wanted to tell. His relationship with James is very strained, because Murphy still considers him one of those responsible for the weak investigations the Vatican did into the death of James's mentior Dellerio in Africa. The German Cardinal is Cristoforo's direct superior.

Maurizio Tarso

Known as "Massimino" for his resemblance to a famous Italian criminal of the '70s, Maurizio is the boss of a Roman criminal enterprise. Lowly-born, he is the last of five sons. His father is an old mechanic, but Massimino always wanted to live a life of luxury, trying to appear fashionable even when his clothes were cheap imitations or stolen.
In the last few years, his business of extortion and arms dealing has really grown and now Massimino can show off his powerful cars and jewels, and he has even bought several night clubs. At the moment, his right hand is an ex-bouncer well known to the Italian police by the nickname "Er Marchese".