Lorenzo Ruggiero


orenzo started working as a professional comic book artist in 2002, when he joined the comic studio Innocent Victims and debuted as inker on Bonerest (Magic Press). Since then he has worked on several American and Italian publications for series like Batman, The Search for Ray Palmer, Superman: Red Son and Hellblazer (DC Comics), Spider-Man (Marvel Comics), Quebrada (Edizioni BD/Alta Fedeltà), Dark Reign: Fantastic Four and Iron Man Noir (Marvel Comics). He inked the graphic novel La neve se ne frega (Panini Comics) and worked on a Batman motion comic named The Shadow of Ra'S Al Ghul (Warner Bros-DC Comics for Nokia), connected to the release of the Dark Knight movie.
Currently he's working on the regular series Gotham City Sirens (DC Comics) and Black Widow (Marvel Comics). He is an art director for videogames and comics teacher in the 'Scuola Italiana di Comix' in Naples.

Daniela Di Matteo


aniela studied languages at high school and used every opportunity to teach herself to draw during this time. From 2006 to 2009 she was one of the best youth talents of the Comix School of Naples. In November 2009 she published her first comic book in France: Sideline, L'Affaire Osmond (Les petites vagues). In 2010, while working for web editors from France, she was selected together with the best southern Italian artists for the collection volume Nero Napoletano (Corriere della Sera) and the related national exposition.
In 2011 she is working on three projects: the second issue of Sideline (Hugo BD), the new graphic novel for the Soleil's Blackberry collection Petite Geisha and the animated illustrations for our videogame. Daniela is considered "one of the most talented Italian young comics artist in the European market" (La Repubblica).